What do our clients say about us?

Collagen is great for your skin, hair and nails but also for your gut health and your joints!

It protects and repairs your gut lining which helps heal leaky gut. I use Collagen a lot with my patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint pain & inflammation. We have impressive results: some feel less pain in only just a few days! Whilst others feel their pain diminish completely! I also recommend Collagen after an injury or operation to speed up the recovery process. I, myself have started using the Naked PLUS Collagen from Well i am Mauritius and it is my absolute favourite! I have had excellent results and recommend it to many of my patients too.

Leonie – Resonance Therapist: Health Matters, Black River

I’ve been using Beauty Gen continuously for over two years. I’m 52, have an active professional life and do sport regularly, and this product gives me lasting energy throughout the day. I’ve noticed an increase in the elasticity of my skin after just a few months use and my hair has never been healthier. I love the whole range!

Dalilah, St Antoine

Three years ago, I discovered Beauty Gen, and it has become an essential part of my daily routine. The most visible improvements have been with my nails – they are incredibly strong now and no longer break. Over and above my nails, I’ve also noticed significant improvements with my hair and skin. What a miracle product!

Vanessa, Moka.

Since I have been using the Naked Plus from the Beauty Gen range I have noticed significant benefits not only with my skin but my hair and my nails. My gut health and vitality has never been better! This product has become an essential part of my life everyday.

Dina – Hair Stylist & Owner: Havre de Beauté, Pereybere

I have been using Naked Plus Collagen for a while now and I love it! I feel that my skin is more toned and smooth. I also feel like it makes a big difference in my gut health and overall vitality. You should definitely give it a try!

Angelique – A happy customer.

Naked Collagen Plus is just magic! I use it everyday in my coffee and I love it! I recommend this product to every single women. It has done wonders for my skin, hair, bone and muscle tissue. I am so happy that I can now get my ‘must have’ collagen product here in Mauritius through Well I am Mauritius.

Veronique, Hillside

I’ve been using the Beauty Gen products for a while now and can’t imagine life without it. My main reason was the need to improve my gut health which the Naked Collagen Plus with added probiotics has done wonders for. I’m so impressed with the results not only from within but also on the outside – my hair & nail growth and strength have noticeably increased and my skin is a lot more radiant. I’ve also introduced the Beauty Greens with the 50 Organic Superfoods and my overall health and energy levels are doing great! Thank you Well i am Mauritius for bringing these amazing products to Mauritius and for your amazing service!

Sheridon, Mapou

I’ve been a great fan of the Beauty Gen products for 2 years now. I have my daily routine which includes: every morning before my workout I make a smoothie with red fruits, carrots or bananas and I alternate the Beauty Greens Collagen and Naked Collagen Plus (both have added vitamin C which helps the collagen to synthesis better in the body). My bedtime treat is a delicious chocolate drink which includes Collagen Coffee Creamer (vanilla) and Collagen Hot Chocolate (cocoa). On the weekends I enjoy sipping by the sea, the fresh and sparkling Beauty Gen collagen drinks; my favourite is the pomegranate ! I’ve seen a visible difference in my nails which are stronger and the brilliance of my hair. My joints are definitely more supple. All this thanks to the great Beauty Gen products !!! Vanessa Boulle is a great ambassador and her service is 100%; quick, reliable and she even gives nice gifts if you’re a regular customer.

Caroline, Moka

I have been using the Beauty Greens Range – Blueberry Collagen for 2 years now!

It’s a great product because it keeps my energy levels constant especially that I do a lot of sports and physical training. I feel the difference in my gut health and the elasticity of my skin. It has also promoted bone and joint health and overall wellness. Consistent use and commitment in taking my collagen everyday has shown the results and its effectiveness.

Thank you Well i am Mauritius for this great product!

Laurent, Grand Baie

The Beauty Gen’s collagen products do miracles for me! I have had wonderful results for my skin, my joints and general energy levels.

Having received numerous compliments about my skin from those who don’t know that I take these supplements, is proof that it really works. This gives me comfort to keep on going with Well i am Mauritius.

Estelle, Sports Coach, Piton

I have been using the Beauty Gen Collagen range for the past 3 years and its just MAGIC! I am 66 years old and cannot go a day without it! Without any hesitation, Give it a try!

Caroline, Black River

J'ai commencé a prendre le Collagen Naked Plus pour des raisons médicales. 

A la suite d'un bilan complet et le diagnostic de nombreuses carences, le Collagen Naked Plus correspondait exactement à mes besoins (Collagen, probiotiques, vit C, acides aminés ). Les résultats étaient immédiats ( 2semaines) . Je le prends depuis 4 mois J'ai retrouvé du tonus et de la souplesse musculaire, élasticité de mon epiderme et barrière cutanée renforcée. 

Je continue... !!

Nathalie, Bain Boeuf

J'ai intégré le Collagène Naked Plus dans ma routine quotidienne pour traiter les symptômes de la ménopause et les douleurs articulaires. Dès la deuxième semaine, j'ai été agréablement surprise de constater des changements encourageants. De plus, ma peau bénéficie également des bienfaits du Collagène Naked Plus, ce qui constitue un avantage considérable. Le Collagène Naked Plus de Well i am – Mauritius est devenu un élément essentiel de ma vie quotidienne, et je ne pourrais plus m’en passer.

Melissa, Moka.

I just have to share my amazing experience with taking the product Beauty Gen Blueberry. It has become a must have staple in my morning routing that I just can’t live without it! It has been fantastic for the clarity and radiance of my skin after struggling for so long with reactive skin. Not only that, but the burst of vitality and energy that it gives me to kick start the day makes it my number one! Thank you for this beautiful product, it really is my favourite.

Talitha, Grand Baie