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Beauty Gen®

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key constituent of all connective tissues. Collagen is a vital building block of our bodies including skin, hair nails, bones and joints. Often our bodies cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own and modern day diets are unfortunately typically not as rich in collagen as that of our ancestors’ diets. Our body’s natural collagen production typically starts to decline in our mid 20’s, and continues declining with age at an estimated rate of +/-1% per year. It decreases even more in women after menopause. Our body’s natural collagen production is also hampered by other factors such as smoking, high sugar diets &excessive UV exposure. Supplementing your diet with Beauty Gen Collagen can help solve the collagen deficit problem, thereby supporting healthy skin, hair, nails, connective tissue & joints and muscle recovery.

What kind of collagen do you use?

We use collagen peptides, which have been shown to improve skin elasticity and smoothness and increase skin hydration and collagen density.

Can pregnant women take your products?

While marine collagen is generally not recommended whilst pregnant, our collagen is bovine collagen. Taking a collagen supplement will help your skin retain its elasticity, repair and also assist in the formation of new skin cells. This means that taking a collagen supplement is one of the best ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and also to help your body and skin to recover postpartum.

Pregnancy and lactation also place increased nutritional demands on the pregnant woman. The need for protein also increases, for proper fetal and placental growth and development. Many women find it difficult to consume the recommended amount of protein during pregnancy. Women looking for additional protein during pregnancy may find protein powders an easy and convenient alternative to other forms of unprocessed protein. Proper healing after delivery, whether vaginal or by cesarean, requires adequate macro and micronutrients; proper nutrition pre- and post-delivery will have a positive effect on tissue healing. Patients preparing to undergo surgery also need peak immune function to prevent infection. Our 100% natural products can assist with the above nutritional needs, and also supply Vitamin C – which plays an important role in immune function and proper wound repair. That said, please always check anything that you take during pregnancy with your doctor.

Are our products Halaal and Kosher?

All Beauty Gen products are certified Halaal. Our Peptan & Beauty Hydrolysed Collagen is
Kosher-certified at the source.

Are your products child-friendly?

When used in small amounts and sparingly, our products should pose no danger to your child. However, if you have concerns, please discuss them with your pediatrician or registered dietitian. Every child has different needs and circumstances. With appropriate use, these products should be safe for young children. While we do not recommend supplements to children under the age of four, we suggest a usage of 5g or less per day for children under the age of nine.

How do I store your products once opened?

We recommend storing opened containers in either the fridge or freezer to preserve shelf life, but a cool, dry pantry works well too.

Are our products free from gluten and dairy?

Yes, even our probiotics are dairy-free.

How do our probiotics last so long?

All of the ingredients included in our products are of the highest quality, so it makes sense that we would seek out a probiotic that will provide our customers with the benefits of the best, most stable probiotics we could find. LactoSpore® is the trade name for Sabinsa’s probiotic, Bacillus Coagulans. LactoSpore® probiotics are resistant to most chemical and physical conditions (eg. heat and acid) and survive manufacturing, shipping and storage making LactoSpore® an excellent functional food ingredient. It does not require refrigeration as it remains stable at room temperature.

Will heating these products damage the ingredients?

The collagen found in our products will not be affected at by temperatures below 300
degrees Celsius. While the benefits of our probiotics may decrease slightly (studies show a decrease of 8-14%, depending on the nature of heat applied), the general integrity of the probiotic still remains intact due to its spore-forming nature.
When it comes to superfoods, there is no black and white answer. Some vitamins and
nutrients are heat-sensitive. When fruits or vegetables are cooked at high temperatures or for long periods of time, heat-sensitive nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin C (water soluble vitamins) are more likely to be destroyed.
On the other hand, cooking increases certain beneficial compounds, such as lycopene, by as much as three times. The red-pigmented phytonutrient, found in tomatoes, watermelons, mangos, and papaya (all of which feature in our superfoods), has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer.
Our favourite way to enjoy Beauty Greens 5 in 1 is in smoothies and yoghurt. Consuming in this way preserves the most nutrients. On a cold day, we loving adding it to warm oats, while
on the occasional Sunday we wip up a batch of heart-healthy, skin-healthy beetroot-rich Blueberry Greens pancakes and still reap the benefits of our probiotics.

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are any food sources that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids or healthy fats. These nutrients are essential for your health and well-being, and you will look and feel better when you take them regularly.

Can you use our product on a Keto diet?

A standard keto diet recommends eating less than 50 grams of glycaemic carbs per day. One
15g serving of Beauty Greens provides 1g of glycaemic carbs, while Naked Collagen Plus
contains 10g of pure protein. Therefore you certainly can use Beauty Gen products on a keto

When will I start noticing the effects of collagen?

According to clinical trials, a daily intake of 5-10g of collagen per day will help to maintain the skin's hydration, firmness and elasticity (i.e. its youth and beauty). Some studies have shown that skin's hydration improves after one to two months, and several communities have demonstrated the benefits of collagen peptides for preserving joint health. Most studies show effects within three months.

What is the difference between plant collagen and bovin collagen?

Plant collagen does not exist. Collagen is a protein in the body that replicates and only
comes from animals/humans.

There are ‘Vegan collagen boosters’ that exist but they are just that – ‘collagen boosters’ and do not contain actual collagen protein peptides.

Vegan collagen boosters are made from plant based, natural ingredients which aids the existing collagen process in the body but does not replicate and provide actual collagen as pure hydrolysed collagen peptides do.

Is plant collagen effective?

As stated above, plant collagen does not exist, however there are plant based, natural ingredients that come from plants which can aid the existing collagen process in the body. Therefore no, it is not as effective as taking actual collagen peptides.

Remedy Greens®

What benefits can I expect from Collagen Mobility?

What benefits can I expect from Collagen Mobility?

Our Collagen Mobility formula:
• Inhibits the progression of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
• Regulates the immune system and prevents the attack of joint cartilage
• Reduces joint swelling, tenderness and inflammation
• Supports cartilage regeneration
• Promotes joint mobility, flexibility, comfort and function
• Helps preserve joints and maintain cartilage
• Helps strengthen bones and increase bone mineral density
• Is high in buffered vitamin C to promote collagen synthesis
• Is high in antioxidants
• Offers powerful anti-inflammatory properties

Can I take your products with a multivitamin or other supplements?

Yes. Our products are made with 100% natural wholefood-derived ingredients and are fine to enjoy alongside nutritional supplements – you can also enjoy multiple blends each day for this reason. However, you may like to check out the ingredients and nutritional profile of our superfoods to make sure you are not doubling up on any nutrients, as superfoods can be a great natural alternative to supplements.

How can I consume your products?

Our products can be mixed with water, milk or even fruit juice such as apple juice. They could also be added into smoothies and yoghurt depending on your preferences.

Is Remedy Greens suitable for individuals with food allergies?

Remedy Greens products are formulated with ingredients free from allergens including dairy, soy, eggs, wheat (gluten), peanuts / tree nuts and seafood.

When will I start to see the results?

Many different factors can influence the benefits our products offer you. These include how you take it, the consistency of your routine, and your health prior to starting product. Your diet and lifestyle all impact how soon you’ll see benefits and how noticeable they’ll be. Some customers notice improvements in as little as a few days, and for others, it can take as long as a few weeks. We're all different, so our bodies will react uniquely.

Do your products contain any fillers, binders, sugars or sweeteners?

Remedy Greens formulations are formulated to be 100% free from artificial ingredients including fillers, colourants, preservatives and artificial flavouring and sweetening.

Who should use these products?

Collagen Mobility is designed to combat the progression of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis as well as support joint health, especially in active individuals.

What does the product taste like?

Collagen Mobility has a mild beetroot flavour and a hint of sweetness.

How can I learn more about the research supporting Remedy Greens?

You can follow the link here on our website https://welliam.co.za/blogs/remedy-greens%C2%AE-studies

How do I compare Remedy Greens to other supplements?

Our Remedy Greens blends are truly one-of-a-kind with specialised formulations containing high quality ingredients, designed to restore health and treat chronic conditions.

Are Remedy Greens products safe for athletes?

Our Remedy Greens blends use 100% natural ingredients which are safe for athletes and contain no artificial or prohibited substances.

Where are your ingredients sourced from?

We take great pride in sourcing the highest quality certified USDA organic plant extracts and superfood powders from the USA, which are blended on home soil with other carefully selected ingredients such as collagen peptides, fibre, probiotics and vitamins.

Can I use Remedy Greens products if I am on medication?

Whilst our products are formulated with 100% natural plant-derived ingredients and are therefore not contra-indicated with any medication, we always advise those with medical conditions and taking medication to seek advice from their medical practitioner before using any nutritional supplement.